Pay direct from a bank account as easily as a credit card

With Bloc Pay your customers can make online payments directly from their bank accounts. It's safe and as easy as paying with your credit card.


With our advanced online Know-Your-Client (KYC) and bank authentication your customers can transact in confidence and safety directly from their bank accounts.

Reduced NSF

With real time balance verification we drastically reduce the incidence of NSF transactions when compared to your existing PAD and cheque payments saving you time and money.

New Revenue

Unlock new revenue by opening up your products and services to the millions of people on our PAD network that may find it more convenient, cost-effective, and secure to pay from a bank account.

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Unparalleled convenience and simplicity

To pay from your bank account you simply input your online banking user name or client number, select which account you want to pay from, and that's it! We've made online bank payments as simple and convenient as paying with a credit card.

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Secure and reliable

At every step of the transaction user data is secured with industry standard encryption and security. At no time is sensitive user bank data saved and accessed by anyone other than the user and the user's bank.

  • Fast
  • Secure
  • Non-repudiation

Integration Options


Built just for you

Our team works with you to develop full stack custom software centered around our payments solutions and your business. Looking for a mobile app? Web portal? Deployment help? Our diverse and specialized team has you covered.

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Developer friendly API integration

Just a few lines of code is all it takes to start taking payments with Bloc Pay through your existing website or mobile app.

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Start taking payments the smart way with Bloc Pay. Explore our other payment solutions to see how Bloc Pay makes you secure, compliant, and profitable.

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