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We make it easier for you to transact with clients and vendors around the world in a variety of payment methods and currencies. We make your global business more secure, compliant, and profitable.

Easily transact with the world

Bloc Pay takes the hassle out of global payments. Easily collect, disburse, and transfer funds globally without the cost, time, and risk of establishing your own international payments infrastructure.
Suits your style

Our solutions integrate seamlessly into your business. Whether you're looking for API-based integration or a custom full-stack solution Bloc Pay has you covered.

Payments made easy

Transact globally via our network of hundreds of financial institutions and the world's major payment providers all through a simple online platform.

Compliance with a smile

Does navigating the world of global anti-money laundering and compliance sound stressful? Because it should. We handle that for you so take it easy, ok?

Online Security

By employing advanced online know-your-client and PCI/DSS compliant infrastructure we ensure your transaction information is secured at every step.

Get paid easier

Something easy is more likely to get done. That's why we made it easier for your customers to pay you by offering multiple payment methods all from the convenience of their mobile device.
Automated Interac etransfers

Our system automatically verifies etransfer payments and will automatically remind and re-invoice customers that send the wrong amount.

  • Automated
  • Rapid Settlement
  • Simple
  • Non-repudiation
Direct bank payments

Allow customers to pay directly from their bank accounts. We perform real-time balance verification to prevent NSF.

  • Balance verification
  • Global reach
  • Secure
  • Non-repudiation
Infinite Possibilities

Accept payment from the world's major credit card providers all through a simplified integration and settlement process.

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • AMEX
  • Discover
  • Unionpay
Global Solutions
Expand your client base and start taking payment with the most popular payment solution in China. Integration and settlement is fast and easy.
  • English speaking support
  • Global reach
  • Simple
Financial institutions in Bloc Pay's global network
Offices around the world to serve you better in Toronto, Manila, and New York.
Founded in Toronto by a group of enterprising friends.

Less work, more flow.

We aggregate and leverage high quality information to deliver our services with a high degree of confidence in such a short amount of time, just one way we let you work smarter not harder.
We can instantly lookup names on the crime and terror watch lists from the UN, Canada, USA, and almost every other country in the world.
Political Exposed Persons
PEP screening is easy with our instant name and alias lookup for politically exposed persons and high ranking members of international organizations.
Income Detection
We apply machine learning to scan and determine an individual's actual salaried income without the noise generated from bonuses, gifts, etc.
Realtime Market Data
Our processes utilize only the most up-to-date market data such as FX rates, world equity indexes, and financial news to deliver reliable service.
Real Estate Data
We access Canadian real estate data including land titles, property appraisals, and historical listing and sales information for detailed financial insights.
Bank Account Verification
We build comprehensive individual financial pictures by aggregating information such as transaction history, recurring purchases, income, etc.
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Michael Cambare
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Yoonjae Kim
"I hate math but I love counting money."
David Zhao
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Peaches Madarang
Founder & CMO
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